When I Quit My Job Part

This can be one of the most stressful things you will go through in your life.  Whether you are fired, let go, or just leave on your own accord.  If you’ve never been through this than consider yourself extremely lucky, because it sucks, plain and simple.  After my crappy time in college, no one in my family thought I would ever get a job, let alone a decent job, but I was extremely lucky enough to land an amazing job as an International Sales Manager at a small fragrance manufacturing company in Miami, FL.  Yes I know, extremely random, but I was going down there no matter what, not knowing much about the company, moving 1,000 miles away from home with no friends or family, basically just starting a new life by myself, just to prove them wrong.  I didn’t get this job because I was qualified, but through a good friend who knew the CEO.  It was pure luck at the right time, knowing a great friend, but it was one of the greatest things that happened to me.  It helped me in every facet in life, from gaining more confidence, being independent, making me more financially responsible, everything!  I met famous musicians, went to a Grammy after party, and traveled the world on the company’s dime.

When it all Came Crashing Down

Imagine getting hit by a Mack truck one day.  You find out your company is bleeding money, and the music is coming to an end.  It was painful to find out. My mind was going a million miles per hour.  I wasn’t even that worried about being unemployed, car payments, rent, or any other major things.  I was most worried about telling my family.  I can only imagine what they would say, “I knew it wouldn’t last” or “here he comes crawling back home”.  The thing was, I could have stuck it out to the end right when they shut the door, or hope they can turn things around, but I didn’t.  I quit before the company crashed. I felt I grew up a bit more then.  The old me before the job would have just stuck it out to the end, but I just knew I had to get out and start preparing for the next phase in my life, and I couldn’t do so living some surreal life, so I had to pull the band aid quickly to get off the sinking ship.  So imagine having what you thought was everything and then disappearing in a matter of weeks, it was extremely depressing.

It doesn’t really ever fully set in until you move on to the next job or phase in your life, and even then it still lingers a lot, at least for me.  I guess my scenario can be different from yours.  Some people get fired from jobs they love, and then some people quit jobs they hate.  But in my case, I really did love my job.

How did you react when you left, were let go, or fired from your job?

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