pexels-photo-1114376I will post airfare, product deals, or whatever I can find that I deem a good buy.  I will try and update this a few times a week.  Please note that deals can expire very quickly, so check here often so you don’t miss out.  Also if you need help looking for flights I post please let me know and I will try my best to help.

RT – Boston to Chengdu – $502 Sept. 19 – Sept. 30, Hainan
I am able to see flights available departing Sept. – Nov. and returning most dates until early Dec.

RT – Boston to Barcelona – $264 Dec. 4 – Dec. 9, Iberia
Most months when you search outbound dates on Sunday or Tuesday

RT – New York to Amsterdam – $319 Jan. 11 – Jan. 20
Many dates between Nov. and Mar.

Pure Leaf Sweeted Iced Tea 12-Pack 18.5 OZ – $6.98
Clip the 25% off coupon.  Works with Lemon, Raspberry, Sweet or Unsweetened Black Tea




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