Passive Income

pexels-photo-1043514I’ve always hated working for others and always dreamt of starting my own business, although it isn’t the easiest thing to do.  In the mean time for us to get out of the daily grind of our jobs we have to achieve total financial freedom, and greatly increase our passive income – income received on a regular basis that requires little to no work to keep it going.  FI Ratio – Financial Independence Ratio, is essentially passive income divided by your expenses. You want this number to equal out at the very least, especially if you want to be financially independent at a very young age.  It requires a lot of planning and diligence.  To increase our passive income we have been investing in rental properties, p2p lending, and the stock market. This has been slow going, but I really believe if we stay on our current path, we can get there sooner than later.  We are trying to hop on the fast lane, but our spending is definitely higher than it should be, and unless we win the lottery, there may not be much more we can do, but work on spending less and saving more.  I will post more on this later.

What are your passive income streams?

Real Estate
P2P Lending
Index Fund


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